Module Animation

There is quite a huge amount of material to go through for this module.
Today, as usual sitting at the lounge of hotel Ádonis – Molyvos in Lesbos, I skimmed through the most of it and trying now to structure the various parts, as they are presented:

  1. HTML – Canvas: We gonna use the Burst Engine library and documentation that was found here to download. The source code of the two examples burst1 and burst2 should be suficient to solve the given task, according to the instructions. But we should as well look at more examples in the given pdf file (unfortunately the links there seems to be inactive).
  2. SVG/VML: We will here use the library Raphaël. Studying the source code of this example we should, accordi g to the instructions, be able to solve the given task.
  3. FLEX: For solving the task in Flash I think A quick repetition of the WEBCT material is needed.

The recommendations for task-solving are as follows: “Mitt tips är att du börjar med Flex, det är inget nytt utöver det ni gjort i tidigare kurser. Sedan är nog Raphaël det som är mest likt Flex, förutom knepigheten med att det inte finns någon loopning av animering, men det ser du i exemplet hur man löser.”

So I will start there tomorrow, today afternoon I still have to continue the Report on the other course.



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